Argentinean Hard Woods

Ranch Driveway Gates

In Argentina we have one of the hardest and longest lasting (without treatment) hardwoods in the world (see details at the bottom table). Between the most used woods that grow in the north forest region of Argentina we have Quebracho Colorado & Anchico. These woods are not only hard but also very good looking.

Quebracho Colorado


Quebracho name comes from “quiebra hacha” witch means “axe breaker”, because of its hardness. That is why its used for railroad crossties, heavy construction, fence posts, ranch gates, corral gates, fencing and poles.

Argentinean Hard Woods for Gates

The scientific name of Quebracho Colorado is Schinopsis Balansae. Its heartwood color is light red, deepening to brick red and the aspect uniform or with black streaks (see picture). The luster is low to medium and the texture fine and uniform. It has no knots, no splinters, surface stays smooth & resists damage.

It is one of the most durable woods in the world. Specially appreciated for naval construction because of its water resistant incorruptible characteristics.

It is also very difficult to work, especially when dry, but takes a high natural polish. Heartwood contains 20 to 30% tannin.


  • Durability (fungi, insects. Not painted): >30 years
  • Hardness Janka: 2.470 lbs
  • Bending strength: 13.900 psi
  • Compression strength: 8.900 psi
  • Density: 1.080 kg/m3



Anchico is also known as Hard Tamarindo and its scientific name is Piptadenia Rigida.

Pricing - $5 plus 1 cent per recipient

This wood is very hard, heavy and very durable to contact with dirt and outdoors. It is not affected by insects or pests.

Sapwood is light gray and heartwood is red to blood red. Sawing wood is difficult due to its extreme hardness. It is sanded without any problem acquiring an excellent finish and can be polished, tainted or buffed to any color without problems.

It is usually used in outdoors decks, gallery posts and roof structures.


  • Durability (fungi, insects. Not painted): >20 years
  • Hardness Janka: 2.340 lbs
  • Bending strength: 16.900 psi
  • Compression strength: 8.500 psi
  • Density: 960 kg/m3

Features Comparison

Wood Specie Quebracho* Anchico* CCA/ Treated
Southern Pine
Cedar Redwood Argentina/
Brazilian Pine
Durability (fungi, insects. Not painted) [years]
>30 >20 Varies with treatment 10-15 10-15 < 5
Hardness Janka [lbs]
2.470 2.340 690 900 480 690
Density [kg/m3]
1.080 960 510 470 400 420
Bending strength (parallel)[psi]
13.900 16.900 14.500 6.800 7.900 13.900
Compression strength (parallel) [psi]
8.900 8.500 4.300 6.020 6.150 7.700
Resistance to Termites
High High Varies with treatment Low Low Low
Fire Rating Class (NFPA)
Movement in Service
Low Low Medium to High Medium Medium Medium to High

Data obtained from INTI (Angentine National Institute of Industrial Technology).

*NOTE : Naturally durable wood is a chemical-free alternative to treated wood.