Ranch Driveway Gates

The place to buy Wooden Driveway Gates, Fence Gates, Ranch Gates, Ranch Entrances, Estate Gate and Horse Gates.

We are an Argentinean company that sells Wooden Gates made in Argentina to the whole world. Our ranch gates are made of the hardest and longest lasting woods on earth, and with a unique Argentinean custom design.
Argentina has a very long and known tradition in the ranch industry and we are committed to export it to the International market.

You Could Have this Ranch Entrance

With our driveway gates you can build a wide range of exclusive farm or ranch entrances.

Ranch Entrance

Our gates can be used not only for ranch entrances or driveway gates, but also as corral gates, estate gate, horse gates, garden gates or any other fencing applications.

See a detail descripcion of our Ranch Driveway Gates and Argentinean woods.

See our Fancy Ranch Gates

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We sell exclusive driveway gates designs of the highest quality. We have one standard lines but we can make custom designs on request.

Our main driveway gate line is named Rod Ranch Gates

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Argentina's Tradition in Ranch and Farm Gates

The wooden fence gates -some times known as gaucho gates- we sell have been used for my decades in Horse Ranchs, Horse Corrals, Polo Clubs and other Farm and Ranch entrances in Argentina. Their popularity across time proves their optimal performance in what it has to do with durability, decomposition and insect attack resistance and low maintenance effort.

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The Wood that We Use for our Fence Gates

Argentina has the most unfriendly weather conditions in terms of wood deterioration, that is why choosing the right wood to use has always been the key element in the construcion of outdoor wooden products in Argentina.
The woods that are usually used in USA for outdoor applicaction (Pressure-treated Southern Pine, Cedar, Oak) can not be compared to the ones that we use for our gates in terms of durability in time (read 4 to 5 decades), mechanical properties, insect attack and degradation resistance.
The wood species that we use for our ranch gates are Curupay, Anchico and Quebracho Colorado. This woods are not available in USA or Europe, but in Argentina are very popular for outdoor applications because they are the only ones that can survive to the country's weather conditions and fauna.

Read more about the woods that we use for our driveway gates.

Wholesalers & Importers

We are oriented to wholesalers & importers that would like to sell our ranch gates to their local markets. We have big discounts in large volume orders. We also sell our products to customers that want to buy a large amount of gates but are not resellers.
We work with the best trade professionals in Argentina which allows us to assure a confidence and fast transaction.
We can tell you our FOB (free on board) and CIF (cost, insurance and freight) price so that you can know how much is going to cost you to resell the ranch gates in your country.

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Contacting Ranch Driveway Gates

We have local telephone numbers in USA and Argentina, and we also use Skype, MSN, Google Talk, e-mail or whatever you prefer that we use to get in touch with you.

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